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The Best Alternative Songs of the Decade

As a music director, I have scoured across the land for alternative music that I find to be a testament to the genre. Some may say I KNOW alternative music. This is why I must create an ultimate list of 2010s alternative that I love and trust. These songs I would let testify for me in court. These songs I would put as emergency contacts. These songs I would marry, divorce, and marry again. These songs will help carry you into the 20s ready to discover the future of alternative. Cough Syrup - Young the Giant This one barely makes it coming out in 2011, but I would say it’s well worth being a song to define the 2010s. Even people who

Three Albums That Will Make You Want to Go on a Hayride This Fall

3. The Lumineers - III No autumn season is complete without folk music. Especially, folk music that has feelings and emotions that drive the music. Look no further than the new Lumineers album. The passionate album that hits close to home for many families struggling with addiction is a great example of music that is meaningful to not only the artists but their listeners who understand the hardships. III is the kind of album to ground you and, also, give you fall vibes. I suggest you listen to it when you have a night to ponder over the lyrics and enjoy watching leaves fall from your window. 2. Vampire Weekend’s Self-Titled Album I can agree that some of the songs give a summer vibe, but if anything it’s

3 Reasons Why Barns Courtney’s 404 is making sure that the “Fun Never Ends”

The Powerful Vocals Barns Courtney has an outstanding vocal performance that is one of the main driving forces of his music. All his songs show the huge leap from deep and high vocals (even without the distorted parts). Specifically, “Hollow” and “The Kids are Alright” show that vocal range. Instrumentation (Specifically Guitar) While many sources say that his subgenres are folk pop and blues rock, the instrumentation seems to have a different vibe. Yes, I can agree that there is folk influence. Yes, blues rock seems like a semi appropriate title. Now, folk pop… The energy from the guitar does not give me folk pop. The guitar and just instrumentation in general are way too hard for that! “Cannonball” is the only one that sounds a little pop, but every other song

Cave In – Final Transmission

            Their latest album, Final Transmission, is the newest piece of music we have received from the Massachusetts based band known as Cave In. Last year, their bassist, Caleb Scofield, was killed in an unexpected car accident. The band decided to release the album and deal with their loss in a more public manner. In the nine-track record, Scofield is found playing on each of them, causing the album to act as a tribute to their lost band member.              Cave In has seemed to really find their sound in this album. In previous records, the emotion is just as raw and aggressive, but in Final Transmission, the bass lines are copious and go beyond the line of belligerent. The lines hit strong and thrust

Absofacto – Sinking Islands

Jonathan Visger is the songwriter/producer behind the alias Absofacto. Through a few of select and distinctive projects, Michigan had developed a new and unique feature to the indie rock scene. By 2008, Visger began releasing solo projects under his moniker, self-releasing tracks and EPs through the site Bandcamp and his own website. By blending elements of hypnagogic songwriting with a dash of wistfulness, he established a tastefully fluid sound that drew inspiration from the indie scene and modern bedroom pop. Visger has kept this sound present through his stand-alone releases such as “Dissolve” and “History books,” the former of which successfully going viral in 2015 and coming back around earlier this year. Before any of this though, Visger released Sinking Islands.

Claud – Toast

Listening to Toast for the first time immediately sent me into an upward spiral of nostalgia and reminiscence. In the opening notes of “Onetwothree”, the cloudlike melody grounds you into what the rest of the album is going to be like. In “Scarlett”, a bubbly love song, Claud sings, “We did everything together, now we’ll never.” When you get to the bridge about halfway into the song you won’t be able to help from singing along. This songs in particular drives home the melancholy vibe the album gives off. After the first two songs in this album, you’re left with your insecurities. You are left vulnerable to the lyrics as they continue to dissect you. One can nearly feel the sugarcoated tang

Glass Animals – How To Be A Human Being

On the edge of being genuinely massive, Glass Animals has broken the indie genre like a fragile twig. Australia, Europe, the UK – countries all quickly turned into hotspots of chill and lo-fi vibes. Their sophomore album, How to Be a Human Being, arrives at a sensational time in the lives of Glass Animals. Debut record ZABA was a forest of emotion. It was suffocating, narrow-minded, private, cryptic, and frequently jaw dropping; it barely revealed anything, but the raw beauty was evident. It remains an abundantly gratifying listen nearly five years after its release. Contrastingly, How to Be a Human Being is discernably vibrant – Glass Animals bolt into the light of day, toying with formatting and melodies— never looking back. The lush and diverse lyrics, combined with

Joywave – Content

In the release of their first album How Do You Feel Now?, front man, Daniel Armbruster, created an atmosphere perfect for that of the sweaty intimacy of dance clubs. Armbruster has a Midas touch when it comes to crafting taut, catchy electro-pop, and this album really showed off his talents. Several songs on the album have a self-sufficient, swift peaking structure that makes them perfect for the dance floor. Other songs though, have a more melodic bliss with slight rings of indie disco stirred in. With the ability to walk both routes simultaneously, this gives Joywave a very unique voice in the music industry. The second full-length album from the synth-pop band creates a distinctly different sound than previous album and EP’s.

Cage the Elephant – Tell Me I’m Pretty

Most notably known for their single, “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,” that appeared on their self-titled album in 2008, Cage the Elephant has produced 4 more studio albums since then. Thank You, Happy Birthday dropped two years later on January 11th of 2011. This album in particular introduced more of a blues accent into their sound. “Shake me Down” was the first single to be released, coming out nearly 2 months before the full album. In this song we can see the first signs of a new sound budding from the band. Two years later Melophobia came out. This album gave us “Come a Little Closer” with its hints of psychedelic rock intertwined with the familiar alternative beats. These

Young the Giant – Mirror Master

Mirror Master was released on October 12, 2018 under Elektra Records. As the fourth studio album of Young the Giant, there was a build up fanbase waiting on the arrival after the brilliance of Home of the Strange and the well-known self-titled album. Mirror Master stuck to similar sounds of the band’s first album with the slower songs. “Simplify” was the first single released in June of 2018. Mirror Master, like most Young the Giant albums, has incredibly catchy and perfectly structured songs with a bunch of filler songs for the album. Don’t get me wrong! I love the work put into their music and think these fillers are good. I just think “Mirror Master” as a song is understandably better than for example “Oblivion.” While “Oblivion” has its own charm,

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