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Best Songs to Add to Your Spring Playlist

Best Songs to Add to Your Spring Playlist

As we continue through the spring, the days grow longer, the breeze starts to have a hint of warmth and nature sprouts into a rainbow of colors. Tulips begin to bloom and rain showers spark the formation of rainbows. The spring season can be seen as a time for growth and new beginnings.

A great way to celebrate the arrival of spring is by adding some new songs to your playlist. Just like the sun shining longer, music can encompass the spirit of spring season.

Let’s dive into some alternative songs with upbeat melodies and themes of new beginnings.

“Flowers In Your Hair” by The Lumineers

Just like spring, “Flowers In Your Hair” is a short and sweet song that reflects on the memories and feelings you experience as a young child and adult. It’s the perfect song to listen to on a weekend road trip or a late-night drive with the windows down. The song was originally released in December of 2009 almost three years ahead of the release of official LP, The Lumineers.

“Spring” Two Door Cinema Club

“Spring” was originally released in August of 2012. The song encapsulates a vibrant energy and the idea of starting over with catchy electric guitar riffs at the forefront of the verses and post-chorus. “Spring” embraces change and seizing new opportunities. As you listen, you feel motivated to embark on new adventures and to embrace the opportunities presented to you.

“Would That I” by Hozier

While “Would That I” does not explicitly mention spring, the themes of yearning for connection and renewal closely relate to the season. As nature begins to develop, there is anticipation and excitement of what’s to come just like Hozier’s passionate and longing vocals. The song, originally released in March 2019, was one of three singles for Hozier’s second studio album, Wasteland, Baby!

“Sunflower” by Vampire Weekend feat. Steve Lacy

“Sunflower” was originally released in March of 2019. The song radiates with a vibrant energy and optimism. The cheerful electric guitar melodies and imagery carry the tune through a story painted with new beginnings and infinite possibilities. “Sunflower” serves as a joyful anthem and inspires listeners to try something new.

“Circle the Drain” by Soccer Mommy

“circle the drain” talks about complex situations and emotions that can be compared to the transition from winter to spring. While spring can be exciting and refreshing, it can always spark feelings of uncertainty. The song takes you on a journey that inspires you to use spring as a time of reflection and progression. “circle the drain was originally released in January of 2020.

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