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Wed, Nov 137:00 PMWBB vs Central Missouri
Mon, Nov 187:00 PMMBB vs KWC
Tues, Nov 197:00 PMMBB vs Ohio Valley
Sat, Nov 2312:00 PMWBB @ Ferris St
Tues, Nov 265:30 PMWBB vs. Hillsdale
Tues, Nov 267:30 PMMBB vs Oakland City
Fri, Nov 2912:00 PMWBB vs Tampa @ Bellarmine
Sat, Nov 3012:00 PMWBB @ Trevecca Nazarene
Tues, Dec 35:30 PMWBB @ Mckendree
Tues, Dec 37:30 PMMBB @ Mckendree
Sun, Dec 153:00 PMMBB vs Lincoln
Sat, Dec 211:00 PMMBB vs King
Sun, Dec 2212:00 PMWBB at Ashland
Sun, Dec 223:00 PMMBB vs Tiffin
Thur, Jan 25:30 PMWBB vs Drury
Thur, Jan 27:30 PMMBB vs Drury
Sat, Jan 413:00WBB vs SW Baptist
Sat, Jan 43:15MBB vs SW Baptist
Thur, Jan 94:30 PMWBB @ UIndy
Thur, Jan 96:30 PMMBB @ UIndy
Sat, Jan 115:30 PMWBB vs Bellarmine
Sat, Jan 117:30 PMMBB vs Bellarmine
Thur, Jan 165:30 PMWBB @ Rockhurst
Thur, Jan 167:30 PMMBB @ Rockhurst
Sat, Jan 181:00 PMWBB @ William Jewell
Sat, Jan 183:00 PMMBB @ William Jewell
Mon, Jan 205:30 PMWBB vs Mckendree
Mon, Jan 207:30 PMMBB vs Mckendree
Thur, Jan 235:30 PMWBB vs Truman St
Thur, Jan 237:30 PMMBB vs Truman St
Sat, Jan 251:00 PMWBB vs Quincy
Sat, Jan 253:15 PMMBB vs Quincy
Thur, Jan 305:30 PMWBB @ UMSL
Thur, Jan 307:30 PMMBB @ UMSL
Sat, Feb 11:00 PMWBB @ Lindenwood
Sat, Feb 13:00 PMMBB @ Lindenwood
Thur, Feb 65:30 PMWBB @ Maryville
Thur, Feb 67:30 PMMBB @ Maryville
Sat, Feb 81:00 PMWBB @ Missouri S&T
Sat, Feb 83:00 PMMBB @ Missouri S&T
Thur, Feb 135:30 PMWBB vs Lindenwood
Thur, Feb 137:30 PMMBB vs Lindenwood
Sat, Feb 155:30WBB vs UMSL
Sat, Feb 157:30 PMMBB vs UMSL
Thur, Feb 205:30 PMWBB @ Illinois Springfield
Thur, Feb 207:30 PMMBB @ Illinois Springfield
Sat, Feb 221:00 PMWBB vs Lewis
Fri, Feb 223:15MBB vs Lewis
Thur, Feb 274:45 PMWBB @ Bellarmine
Thur, Feb 277:00 PMMBB @ Bellarmine
Sat, Feb 291:00 PMWBB vs UIndy
Sat, Feb 293:15MBB vs UIndy

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