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New Alt. Rock Bands that have a Classic Sound

Classic Rock eventually evolved into Alternative Rock, but some bands didn’t get the memo. These bands show that even in 2020 Classic Rock still creeps out on top. These bands have similarities to popular bands of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Whether you’re a fan of the old music or the new music you’ll love these artists! The Struts Not only have they opened for The Who and The Rolling Stones, but The Struts are also a four-piece UK-based band just like many Classic Rock bands before them. I wouldn’t know how else to describe their sound but new Classic Rock. Their most well-known song “Could Have Been Me” went viral and appeared in the top 5 on the U.S. Alternative and

Dreamland by Glass Animals

The latest album from the psychedelic pop band Glass Animals is suitably called Dreamland. Not only is “Dreamland” one of the most impactful songs on the album, but the whole sound of the album gives that feeling of a dreamland. The psychedelic sound mixed with Dave Bayley’s unique indie rock voice makes such an incredible album to experience. The way that each song melts into the other with the use of the short “home movie” breaks. It makes the album have such a personal feel like a dive into the childhood of Bayley. The flow gives album vinyl playability. Dreamland is an amazing album to just let go of the world for a moment and really listen to it.  I recommend

Highlighting Black Alternative Artists and Bands

With everything going on in the world, I felt it best to point out some amazing Black Alternative and Indie artists. There were a few names that I knew like Kevin Abstract and Santigold, but I decided to hop deeper into discovering new artists that I had not heard before. If you feel inclined to support black artists, but you would still like to listen to your favorite kind of Alternative and Indie that you hear on 95.7 The Spin, then this list is for you. binki Our local music director, Kasey, introduced me to his song “Heybb!” which sent me into a deep spiral into his discography. His music sounds a lot like boy pablo and dayglow, so the genre is

Alternative Music to Snatch from Tik Tok Before it Gets Banned

If you have been anywhere near Alt. Tik Tok you have definitely heard these songs. I know I already did this blog, but since there are a plethora of new Alternative songs on Tik Tok I had to make a new one. I thought I would never come to the point in my music directing job where I am adding songs from Tik Tok to a radio station, but that is the crazy mixed-up world we live in now. What can I say? I have to respect good music. Strawberry Blonde by mitski Have you ever heard pure happiness put into a song? Now you have. There is something about how the song builds on itself that reminds me of a montage

80s New Wave’s Impact on Modern Alternative

It is not a secret that I am obsessed with the music of the 80s. Whenever I get into a deep discussion involving music, I will bring up the synth-pop and advancement in rock. There was one genre that surfaced during the changes in the music. NEW WAVE. New Wave was like if the rock stylings of the 70s and the synth-pop of the 80s had a little alternative love child. New Wave started in the mid-70s with punk rock, but the new wave of the 80s is music more significant in the growth of the genre. This music encapsulates the beginnings of Alternative music. I’ve decided to compile a list of songs that most influenced the future of Alternative. This

New Music Worth Hearing

Let It All Out - COIN COIN is already an alternative pop icon with songs “I Don’t Wanna Dance” and “Talk Too Much.” It does not come as a surprise that their entire new album Dreamland is amazing. “Let It All Out” is one of the slower songs from the album, but that just adds to the emotion. This is a very emotional song that serves as a great release to all these bottled up feelings. The video shows a butterfly leaving the cocoon which is a perfect metaphor for the emotion in this song. Double Denim Hop - Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard has been my favorite new band on the alternative scene. They have such a classic rock sound. While

Songs That Make You Long for Spring

It’s not quite Spring, but these songs will pull you through the last cold weeks of Winter. Specifically, these songs aren’t quite the full Spring vibe, but they are right at that line of change to Spring. If you have bad allergies, here is your warning to run far away from this Spring Themed Music Blog. Ways to Go - Grouplove Most of Grouplove’s music is just spring vibes with their energetic indie sound. I put “Ways to Go” mainly so I can make the pun that we still have a ‘ways to go’ before spring is here. Australia - The Shins This song is just so cheerful sounding with not so cheerful lyrics. Just like a 47 degree day toward the end of

Leave What’s Lost Behind – Colony House

Colony House is a band that should be on everyone’s Alternative playlists. If you haven’t listened to their earlier albums, you are truly missing out on amazing Alt. Rock. The album that introduced me to them was their 2017 album Only the Lonely. “ You and I,” “1234,” and “You Know It” pulled me in to follow up with this incredible band. If you are a fan of Alternative, you are going to be a fan of this band. Now that you went and listened to their album Only the Lonely, you are here to hear what I have to say about the latest album Leave What’s Lost Behind. The album starts with an orchestral song that hits you in your

Recent Alternative Music from TV Shows & Movies

I wanted to make a playlist for you of Alternative that I have been finding on TV shows and movies. These are the songs that stood out to me, but most I couldn’t add to the station. Some are new, and some are old. And some are barely alternative, but ALL of these songs are bops. Everyone Looks Like Everyone - The Pack a.d. Found on Letterkenny, this song popped up at the end of the first episode right after Wayne decided to start fighting again. This song has fighting energy to it. Definitely my favorite song from the show. Cold War - Cautious Clay Booksmart is an amazing movie with even better music. It is the Superbad for Gen Z. This is the

Songs to Describe Your Valentine’s Day

If You are in Love: We get it! You can’t stop talking about your significant other! Be proud and listen to these songs that make us all fall in love! Always On My Mind - Nané When he hits those strong notes, “FLOOOOOOOOR…”  you are not only in love with your partner, but you are in love with Nané. Sea of Love - Cat Power Autoharp and a classic 50s love ballad. What more do you want?  It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) - The 1975 If you really dive into these lyrics, it's not the happiest song, but the passion behind the title and the main chorus is what makes this song a love song. Honeybee - The Head and the Heart The Head and the

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