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Watsky- x Infinity

The forth studio album from Watsky x Infinity was released on August 19, 2016. The spoken word artist, rapper, and author George Watsky recorded this album at Seahorse Studios in Los Angeles, Grand St. Recording in Brooklyn, and Aqua Vibea in Hadley, Massachusetts. X Infinity, pronounced Times Infinity, had many collaborators including Josh Dun (Twenty One Pilots), Julia Nunes, and Danny McClain. Each song on the album almost has its own style and sound.

When reviewing this album, I find relaxed songs and pure alternative music, but some of the songs are very hip-hop influenced. If you were looking for an album where every song sounds almost the same, this would not be the album for you. Every song is almost its own story with either a heavy hip-hop drive or piano instrumental music. My song recommendations for someone looking for the alternative sound would be “Yes Britannia,” “Stick to Your Guns,” and “Chemical Angel.” For those wanting the alt. hip-hop vibe, go for “Pink Lemonade,” “Little Slice,” and “Don’t Be Nice.” Personally, I enjoy the bottom half of the album from the piano music. If listening on Spotify, a bonus hip-hop track called “Exquisite Corpse” resides at the end.

Watsky- x Infinity Track List:
  1. “Tiny Glowing Screens, Pt. 3”
  2. “Talking To Myself”
  3. “Chemical Angel”
  4. “Little Slice”
  5. “Springtime in New York”
  6. “Pink Lemonade”
  7. “Don’t Be Nice”
  8. “Yes Britannia”
  9. “Love Letters”
  10. “Stick to Your Guns”
  11. “Brave New World”
  12. “Going Down”
  13. “Midnight Heart”
  14. “Lovely Thing Suite: Conversations”
  15. “Lovely Thing Suite: Knots”
  16. “Lovely Thing Suite: Roses”
  17. “Lovely Thing Suite: Theories”

Article written by: Haley Isom

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