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AJR- The Click

The second studio album from AJR The Click was released on June 9, 2017. This Indie Pop and Electropop album was another self-produced album by the band. The Click was created from the songs off the EP What Everyone’s Thinking and a few other singles. In 2015, “Call My Dad” the first promotional single was released. The third promotional and most popular single “Weak” came out in October of 2016.

The song “Weak” was my first glimpse into The Click. Its meaningful lyrics and upbeat alternative sound had me hooked. It was not until the popularity of “Sober Up” until I discovered the full album. The entire album is worth a listen, but some specific songs that should be looked into are “The Good Part,” “Drama,” and “I’m Not Famous.” I recommend listening in order for the full effect given by the first song “Overture.”

AJR – The Click Track List
  1. “Overture”
  2. “The Good Part”
  3. “Weak”
  4. “Sober Up”
  5. “Drama”
  6. “Turning Out”
  7. “No Grass Today”
  8. “Three-Thirty”
  9. “Call My Dad”
  10. “I’m Not Famous”
  11. “Netflix Trip”
  12. “Bud Like You”
  13. “Come Hang Out”

Article written by: Haley Isom

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