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Vance Joy – Nation of Two

Vance Joy came out with a brand new album to end February 2018 right. In November, the Australian singer-songwriter announced Nation of Two and described it as a “perfectly self-contained couple…” The lead single “Lay It on Me” released in July 2017 was #18 on the Australian Singles Chart and has been certified platinum. Some of the rest of the album slowly found its way out before the full release on February 23, 2018.

While listening to this album, I received very indie folk vibes, which is to expect from Vance Joy. Usually any Vance Joy song is the perfect music to fall asleep to or to chill with friends. Listening to this album was almost like listening to the story. If I were to recommend a song that isn’t one of the popular singles, I would have to say “Bonnie & Clyde.”

Vance Joy – Nation of Two Track List:
  1. “Call If You Need Me”
  2. “Lay It on Me”
  3. “We’re Going Home”
  4. “Saturday Sun”
  5. “Take Your Time”
  6. “I’m with You”
  7. “Like Gold”
  8. “Alone with Me”
  9. “Crashing Into You”
  10. “One of These Days”
  11. “Little Boy”
  12. “Bonnie & Clyde”
  13. “Where We Start”

Article written by: Haley Isom

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