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BØRNS- Blue Madonna

Released on January 12, 2018, Blue Madonna is the second popular album from BØRNS. The first single to promote the album was “Faded Heart,” released July 28, 2017. He announced the album via Instagram on December 4, 2017 with a pre-order for the vinyl for which only 1,500 copies were available. The album includes only one collaborative artist Lana Del Rey for the song “God Save Our Young Blood.”

Before reviewing this album, I had not listened to the full album, so my favorites from Blue Madonna are the popular singles. “Faded Heart” is already, in my opinion, an instant classic. ”Faded Heart” does not get old no matter how many times you listen to it. The music video for it also includes the iconic 70s style suit from the album cover. “God Save Our Young Blood” has Lana Del Rey and Garrett Borns amazing vocals harmonizing perfectly. After listening to the rest of the album, I found a few hidden gems. “Second Night of Summer” and “We Don’t Care” are my recommendations for a fresh, alternative sound. You can buy the album on iTunes or listen on Spotify.

BØRNS- Blue Madonna Track List:
  1. “God Save Our Young Blood” (with Lana Del Rey)
  2. “Faded Heart”
  3. “Sweet Dreams”
  4. “We Don’t Care”
  5. “Man”
  6. “Iceberg”
  7. “Second Night of Summer”
  8. “I Don’t Want U Back”
  9. “Tension” (interlude)
  10. “Supernatural”
  11. “Blue Madonna”
  12. “Bye-bye Darling”

Article written by: Haley Isom

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