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Fall Out Boy – Mania

Fall Out Boy’s latest album Mania was released on January 19, 2018 as a follow up to American Beauty/American PsychoMania ended up landing as number one on the US Billboard 200. Fall Out Boy made Mania to continue the pop rock sound from the commercial success of American Beauty/American Psycho. The singles “Champion” and “Young and Menace” paved the way for the release.

While reading up on facts about this album, I found it interesting that Patrick Stump, the lead singer, pushed back the release of the album because he felt it wasn’t ready and was rushed. We are all glad they waited because the released version of Mania is on point. My favorite song of the album would have to be “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes).” It is one of those songs that sounds modern while incorporating old Fall Out Boy.

Fall Out Boy – Mania Track List:
  1. Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea
  2. The Last Of The Real Ones
  4. Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)
  5. Church
  6. Heaven’s Gate
  7. Champion
  8. Sunshine Riptide – feat. Burna Boy
  9. Young And Menace
  10. Bishop Knife Trick

Article Written by: Haley Isom

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