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Lewis Del Mar – Lewis Del Mar

Lewis Del Mar’s album entitled, Lewis Del Mar, was released on October 7, 2016. This was the group’s first full album, following a few of their singles. Lewis Del Mar first released their four-song album in January 2016. The mini-album contained the songs “Loud(y)”, “Malt Liquor”, “Wave(s)”, and “Memories”, all of which were loved by audiences. In July of 2016, two singles were released, entitled “Painting (Masterpiece)”, and “14 Faces”, giving listeners a preview of the amazing album that was to come. In October 2016, the long awaited album was finally released, and it was completely worth the wait. Everyone loved the bands fresh, new, and exciting alternative sound, that we all instantly fell in love with

There is only about four albums where I love every song, and this is one of them. My favorite has to be “Malt Liquor”, due to its intriguing and addicting sound. The song starts off chill, and at a slower beat, which picks up in the chorus with a highly upbeat and impressive sound. Not only are the vocals amazing, the instrumental is also incredible in every single song. Lewis Del Mar has many different styles and sounds, which I believe has a song for everyone. Although this album is almost two years old, the music is right here in the now, and waiting to be listened to, and fallen in love with, and I can guarantee that you will fall in love. If you’re looking for a new album to become obsessed with, Lewis Del Mar is definitely the one for you.

Lewis Del Mar – Lewis Del Mar Track List:
  1. Such Small Scenes
  2. Loud(y)
  3. 14 Faces
  4. Painting (Masterpiece)
  5. Puerto Cabezas, NI
  6. Tap Water Drinking
  7. Malt Liquor
  8. D.L.
  9. Islands
  10. Live That Long

Article Written by Carly Chodkiewicz

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