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The Happy Fits – Concentrate

Continuing with a fruit theme, The Happy Fits have done it again! Concentrate their debut album comes after their first ep called Awfully Apeelin, which deputed in 2016. The singles “Achey Bones,” “Grow Back,” and “Best Tears” from the album were released to pave the way. The Happy Fits are a relatively new alternative band that began in 2014 with a conversation about YouTube cover bands. The band uses according to their website “rocking guitars and electric cello” to create a catchy and unique sound.

Personally ever since I heard songs from Awfully Apeelin playing around the radio station, I probably haven’t gone a day without listening to the fun, energetic sounds of the Happy Fits. I recommend listening to the entirety of Concentrate. Each song has a different mood with the same instruments used in many different ways to create many different vibes. The song that has me hooked to the album is “So Alright, Cool, Whatever.” If you’re in the mood for something acoustic, there are a few songs for you. If you’re in the mood for something with strong, rock power chords, there are a few songs for you. If you’re in any mood, Concentrate is for you.

The Happy Fits– Concentrate Track List:
  1. Achey Bones
  2. Best Tears
  3. So Alright, Cool, Whatever
  4. Hungry People
  5. Reason for Dreaming
  6. Grow Back
  7. Heart of a Dancer
  8. Mary
  9. Haunted Lust
  10. Relimerence
  11. Little Words

Article written by: Haley Isom

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