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Arlie – Wait EP

Arlie is a new alternative/indie band consisting of four boys from Nashville, Tennessee. The band’s first single “Big Fat Mouth” was released on February 23, 2017 through Intermission Records. Arlie has an upbeat and fun sound that has its own unique spin on the alternative/indie genre. Although the band is new with little music, I can guarantee that they will become really popular in the months to come.

Arlie has one album consisting of six songs, and its seriously incredible. It was really hard for me to pick a favorite song from this amazing album, but it has to be “Water Damage”. Just the intro of this song alone is fantastic and it the song just keeps getting better and better the more you listen to it. It has a mix of an upbeat, yet also relaxing sound, with an amazing beat. Even though “Water Damage” is my favorite, the entire album is truly its won kind of masterpiece, and I highly recommend this album to any alternative/indie lover.

Arlie – Wait EP Track List:
  1. Big Fat Mouth
  2. Barcelona Boots
  3. Too Long
  4. Water Damage
  5. Didya Think
  6. Tossing and Turning

Article By: Carly Chodkiewicz

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