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One Republic – Oh My My

One Republic was formed by lead vocalist, Ryan Tedder in 2002 after achieving commercial success on MySpace as an unsigned act. The band has a unique sound that features pop, rock, and our favorite, alternative. The group first released their debut album Dreaming Out Loud on November 20, 2007, and the song “Apologize” from the album was then remixed by Timbaland, making it an international success. After “Apologize” everyone loved One Republic, and was stoked when their next album Waking Up was released on November 17, 2009. The music just kept getting better and better with their next album Native, and a couple of incredible singles sprinkled in throughout, leading up to their most recent album released in 2016 entitled Oh My My.

Every single song that One Republic has released, I love. When Native was released I instantly bought the whole album and listened to the entire thing on repeat for months. Even to this day I love jamming out to Native. Even though Native was truly its own masterpiece, Oh My My is truly an album that I will always love listening to. I can honestly say that I adore every song on this album, but “Let’s Hurt Tonight” has to be my favorite. The song starts any you’re immediately intrigued with Ryan Tedder’s soothing vocals and the amazing instrumentals. “Let’s Hurt Tonight” really takes you on a journey with its powerful lyrics and soulful sound and you become obsessed with the song.

Typically, I only talk about my favorite song, but I absolutely must give “NbHD” an honorable mention. “Let’s Hurt Tonight” is more of an emotional song, but “NbHD” is a true car bop. This song is definitely one of the more alternative songs on the album, and I’m 100% addicted to it. The moment the song starts you’re hooked, and then it just gets better and better. I seriously cannot recommend this song enough, it’s truly a musical masterpiece. Oh My My is an album that has a sound for anyone, and any mood. This is one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to, and I 10/10 recommend you listen to it too.

One Republic – Oh My My Track List:
  1. Let’s Hurt Tonight
  2. Future Looks Good
  3. Oh My My
  4. Kids
  5. Dream
  6. Choke
  7. I.
  8. Better
  9. Born
  10. Fingertips
  11. Human
  12. Lift Me Up
  13. NbHD
  14. Wherever I Go
  15. All These Things
  16. Heaven

Article By: Carly Chodkiewicz

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