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Castlecomer – Castlecomer

Castlecomer is an alternative rock band consisting of four cousins from Sydney, Australia. The band released their first album on October 5, 2018, gaining instant success. Although this band is new, they are already well known by the alternative rock community. When I first listened to this album I was immediately in love with their sound and immediately purchased the album. Castlecomer is an album that I love every song, but my favorite song would have to be “Fire Alarm”. “Fire Alarm” is a truly addicting song that you can listen to at anytime and totally jam out to. It has such a unique and new song I can’t quite describe it. It’s the ultimate alternative rock song with the perfect bridge to tie to whole song together. Castlecomer is a fantastic band, and I can tell that they are going to make a big impact in alternative music scene.

Castlecomer — Castlecomer Track List:
  1. If I Could Be Like You
  2. Move
  3. Fire Alarm
  4. Judy
  5. Make Love Make Music
  6. All of the Noise
  7. Leaving
  8. Apes
  9. Favourite
  10. Escapism
  11. She Knows

Article Written by Carly Chodkiewicz

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