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A Look Into Blink-182

In August 1992 a band was formed in Poway, California. This band had first come up with a lot of names such as Duck Tape and Figure 8. Finally, they decided on a name that has stayed the same for decades, Blink-182.

This band put three boys together in high school and started with a Battle of the Bands at Rancho Bernardo High School. They started down low booking evening events at lodging and the YMCA centers around them. Blink-182 had their first release in 1995 called M+M’s. Their very first single was a great hit and by the end of 1995 Blink-182 went on their first national tour.

Their music is quite diverse, going from fast tempos and catchy melodies. These songs are normally themes based on relationships, toilet humor, and teen angst.

As the time has flown Blink-182 has made a turn of the millennium. At the 2009 Grammy Awards the trio appeared on stage together for the first time in almost five years. After the amazing reunion Blink-182 went on a tour in North America followed by a European tour in autumn. This band formed by a love for music that goes back to the childhood years, all starting with Battle of the Bands.

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