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Young the Giant – Mirror Master

Mirror Master was released on October 12, 2018 under Elektra Records. As the fourth studio album of Young the Giant, there was a build up fanbase waiting on the arrival after the brilliance of Home of the Strange and the well-known self-titled album. Mirror Master stuck to similar sounds of the band’s first album with the slower songs. “Simplify” was the first single released in June of 2018.

Mirror Master, like most Young the Giant albums, has incredibly catchy and perfectly structured songs with a bunch of filler songs for the album. Don’t get me wrong! I love the work put into their music and think these fillers are good. I just think “Mirror Master” as a song is understandably better than for example “Oblivion.” While “Oblivion” has its own charm, “Mirror Master” seems to be more developed and overall a better song. That is how the whole album presents itself to me. While I could list off the songs that I found to be incredible, I think a better option is to listen to the entirety and pick what songs stand out to you. I will say that the first song (“Superposition”) and the last song (“Mirror Master”) on the album are some of my favorites of 2018.

Young the Giant – Mirror Master Track List:

  1. Superposition
  2. Simplify
  3. Call Me Back
  4. Heat of the Summer
  5. Oblivion
  6. Darkest Shade of Blue
  7. Brother’s Keeper
  8. Glory
  9. Tightrope
  10. Panoramic Girl
  11. You + I
  12. Mirror Master

Article written by: Haley Isom

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