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Diving Into the Helpful Hands of The Revivalists.

I am a person who always enjoys heartwarming joyful songs. The Revivalists always makes my day when I listen to their music. This band has been together for 15 years. Their songs always represent struggles and enjoyable moments in their life. One of their songs from 2017 came out named “Good Old Days” and has a soulful group harmony. The song came to light during a late-night binge with two of the band members. One of the band members even connected the song to the caring of his daughter in later years during the pandemic. This group of men find many ways to help by donating funds, through their organization Rev Causes, to support communities, health, and the environment. Some examples are natural disaster relief, cancer, climate change, and mental health. Overall, The Revivalists is a very caring and supportive band to their fans and the communities close and far.

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