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After More Than Three Decades this Band is Still Releasing Great Music!

One of the many high rated songs currently is The Wolf by Mumford & Sons. This song is an upbeat alternative pop rock genre. His voice is easily understandable, but the music is fast paced and intense. The song is very heartwarming and personal. The Wolf is a song of talking to a person who is going through a rough time. Mumford & Sons is a band that references faith and has many connections that can be recognized in this song. The meaning behind this song is the basis of Mumford wishing he could have saved his friend who left him and his faith. This song is amazing and has a great melody and rhythm. You don’t need to believe in anything to feel the heartbreak given by Mumford & Sons. I first thought it was about someone who passed away out of the blue. Overall, The Wolf by Mumford & Sons is a very heartwarming song that can get you thinking about those you care about and miss.

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