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Local Music Spotlight- Maewyn

Maewyn is a 5 piece band hailing from Murray Kentucky. Their music has taken hold of so many across the tri-state area with their hardcore, shoegaze, and emo influences. These genres combined into one sound seems like it would be a modge podge of confusion, but it instead creates one of the most unique soundscapes that our local area has to offer.

The Local Show will be debuting five of their songs to the station on January 28th: Choke, Carry, Itch, Violet, and I’m giving because I can. The themes of these songs play with a variety of struggles and insecurities, which lends to their emo and hardcore influences.

The song Choke “is about seasonal depression; associating the routine cold of winter with mistakes of the past and our own battle with seasonal affective disorder.” A fitting song to jam out to for their debut to the station coming up.

The song carry “is about taking on the weight of friends’ struggles so much that we don’t take care of ourselves. Then when the friend gets better, we don’t feel like we have a purpose anymore.”

The song Itch was inspired by their biggest insecurities. They chose to write them out “on a piece of paper and wrote a song about them. So when McCall sings ‘your teeth are just too yellow for you to be loved by anyone…’ we are talking to ourselves. It was us trying to put words to the lies we tell ourselves so we could face them and overcome it, someday. “

The song Violet was one of the first songs they wrote together as a band, giving us a glimpse into their musical birth. It is about “about addiction, and the back and forth battle a person faces when going through that disease. It details a ‘pretty monster’ (the lie that we need what that addiction gives us) ‘whose claws are in my heart,’ (and how that addiction grips us at our core.)”

The song I’m Giving Because I Can is a single that was released between their first and second Eps. It is “about the desire to giving up when it feels like you’ve given everything, and it gets you nowhere.”

If you love their music and style, get excited because they are gearing up to announce a next string of new releases and a brand new EP soon. I know it will contribute to their already strong reputation and unique sounds.

~Haviland Cardinal

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