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Local Band Spotlight: PanicRoom

The premiere of Damsel Brew Pub as a music venue, debuted the dark and vibey sounds of PanicRoom. The Evansville-based band is made up of Aaron Lane on Vocals, Tony Blondin on Guitar, Aaron Travis on Guitar, Logan Owen on Bass, and Eddie Goebel on Drums.

Their set was composed of 5 continuous songs, with dark and choreographed noise in between each number.

“I personally don’t like dead air during a band’s set,” remarked Owen, “the way we use feedback, effects pedals, and haunting drums in between songs keeps the momentum going throughout our set and builds up some anxiety among the crowd.”

The music during PanicRoom’s quick set built the atmosphere that is reflective of their name: Pure anxiety, chaos, and aggression.

“All of the music I write reflects how I feel in my own head. It is very personal to me. If the audience feels anxiety from it then we are on the right track,” Blondin said.

Damsel was packed to the brim with about 200 people in attendance, all stuffed in the tiny upstairs dive bar atmosphere. Soon after PanicRoom started playing, the crown came alive. I was personally saved by a friend of mine, who is seasoned within the hardcore scene, once the moshing and dancing opened into an all-out metalcore dance floor—filled with punches being thrown and intense enthusiasm. Drinks were thrown into the air and blood was drawn, but all in genuine fun.

PanicRoom performing

“The songs absolutely translated to a live audience the way we wanted,” Blondin stated, “It’s refreshing when the audience is so receptive, and it helps bring the music to life.”

The aggression from the music was felt by everyone in attendance, including me, and was something I believe we all needed after the unfortunate events of last year. There is something magical about witnessing a group of people taking out all of their grief, depression, anxiety, and anger through music. It was catharsis for everything that we went through collectively.

After the set was finished people went about their business, as if they all were not bashing their heads into others just a few moments prior. The bassist packed up his gear with blood streaming down his hand, and the lead guitarist searched for his glasses that flew off amidst the chaos.

PanicRoom has a sound that sets them apart from the rest of their genre due to their drummer, who draws from a variety of styles within his work. The distortion between each song that created the quick and cohesive set drew influences from wave music, and the interludes from Coheed and Cambia. There was a distinctive story and emotion from their live set, which I find to be the mark of a profoundly good band.


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  • The Venue on 11/30, with Maewyn, A Brighter End, and Cohen.
  • The Venue on 1/16 with Ether Coven

*The author of this article is currently in a romantic relationship with a member of the band.

~Haviland Cardinal

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