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Let’s Talk About Travis Barker

Journalist 2nd Class Denny Lester, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons, Resized Image

If you haven’t heard yet, Travis Barker is getting married. Now, I don’t really care about the marriage specifically but it has gotten me thinking about all of the things that Travis Barker has contributed to the music world.

Firstly, he was the drummer for Blink-182, which is undoubtedly important to alternative music. Blink-182 is an alternative staple. However, he has been doing so much more in the music world than just that. He’s collaborated with many pretty big musical stars including Flo Rida, P!nk, Wiz Khalifa, and Avril Lavigne.

But it’s not just big celebrities that Travis Barker has worked with and released music with. Travis Barker has been working on something of a passion project during the past few years. He’s been working with smaller artists, working to bring them into the light and jump-start their careers.

In addition to his work with various artists, larger and smaller, Travis Barker alongside Machine Gun Kelly has been influential to a change in the sound of alternative music. In the past few years, there has been a transition from a more indie sound to the pop-punk alternative sound that we hear on the radio now.

We can attribute a lot of this transition to the rise in music from Machine Gun Kelly and songs that feature Travis Barker. We see them on the charts consistently and we have MGK and Travis Barker to thank for this transition.

~Terra Elizabeth

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