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Fall Road Trip Playlist

With sweet fall time in full swing and the holidays creeping up closer many people are starting to realize the fact that they will be doing a lot of traveling for the holidays or even just during fall time. With traveling comes long drives and/or flights. Spending this much time traveling there will inevitably be a lot of downtime and one of my favorite things to do when I have an abundance of downtime is to create the perfect playlist. Nothing makes traveling by yourself or with friends and family more fun than a playlist to go along with it. So for the upcoming travel and fall time being in full swing I created the perfect ‘Fall Road Trip Playlist’. If you don’t have time to create your own that is totally fine, because we were able to do it for you!

Fall Road Trip Playlist

3 Song Highlights:

  1. Sit Next To Me – Foster The People The Indie Rock band released this song in 2017 and was a major hit.  Hitting number five on the U.S. Top 40 Alternative charts. This song was released off of the Sacred Hearts Club Album and still is played by many listeners often today.
    • This song is definitely one of my favorites on any playlist because of its upbeat pop punk fashion. This song is definitely the perfect driving jam session song to make traffic easier or the ride seem not as long. It’s your consistent go to.
  2. Where Is My Mind? – Pixies This Alternative/Indie band released this classic song in 1988 just two years after its creation. This song has not only been featured in four movies but it was also inspired by a snorkeling trip.
    • This song is something my mind resorts to as eerie when I think of it. I just think of the perfect fall weather and the perfect drive song. I think this is the perfect song to listen to during your Fall Trip because of its own consistent sound.
  3. Not Today – Twenty One Pilots This song released in 2015 off of the Blurryface album which in turn was a big hit, although this song didn’t make it in the list of 10 singles released this year it is still one of their most prominent songs.
    • I enjoy this song very much because of it being a throw back but that this well known song is the perfect mood for those long drives you want to avoid.

On this playlist we have many classic alternative songs like, HOME – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, & Where Is My Mind? – Pixies that you can jam out too along with many more non traditional hits like Heartbreak Of America – Lovelytheband, and Struggle Street – Ball Park Music. These songs do not only fit into the fall time feel but they could also reflect your feelings while dealing with the in-laws during this holiday vacation.

Article by Jada Hamby

Image from alexman89

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