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Album Review: Yours, Dreamily, by The Arcs

The Arcs are a newer alternative band formed in 2015 by Dan Auerbach, the guitarist and vocalist of The Black Keys. This band became known as his “side project” with Auerbach describing it as “an American garage rock band”. They definitely have the staple alternative sound. This is their first released album, and it sets a high bar with their audience today. And with that said, this album is one of my all-time favorites. The album consists of 14 tracks, with the songs carrying you through a range of emotions as you listen (definitely an album you can cry to in the rain).


  1. Once We Begin (Intro)
  2. Outta My Mind
  3. Put A Flower In Your Pocket
  4. Pistol Made Of Bones
  5. Everything You Do (you do for you)
  6. Stay In My Corner
  7. Cold Companion
  8. The Arc
  9. Nature’s Child
  10. Velvet Ditch
  11. Chains of Love
  12. Come & Go
  13. Rosie (Ooh La La)
  14. Searching the Blue

When I first listened to this album I knew immediately I loved it. The album offers an almost spooky psychedelic sound, along with a garage rock tone that The Arcs pull off so well. Dan Auerbach said that while writing the music for the album he and his bandmates were inspired by “old soul records, Captain Beefheart, and newer hip-hop”. They definitely showcased this within the songs “Cold Companion” and “Pistol Made Of Bones” with its more upbeat sound. While the album has many musical highs such as in “The Arc” and “Everything You Do”, it also has many lows and slower songs in its track list. One example is “Searching The Blue”, in which Auerbach sings about his past love and in many ways the process of growth while remaining the same. The whole album is, in my opinion, an eclectic masterpiece that I would recommend everyone to listen to.

Article by Jada Hamby

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