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Album Review: Ugly is Beautiful by Oliver Tree

Ugly is Beautiful is Alternative Rock artist Oliver Tree’s newest album. Oliver Tree Nickel has been making music since he was in his younger childhood years. With this being his tenth year in music he has definitely made a name for himself in the industry. He continues to impress his audience whether in music or from his own shock value, making sure to stay popular with his own radical or stray sound from many other alternative artists. In this 14 track album he continues to amaze his audience with many hidden messages of being lonely, struggling with addiction, and personal disappointments. Making sure to constantly give his audience easy ways to connect with his music, he still keeps a popular and upbeat sound in his music.


  1. Me, Myself & I
  2. 1993 (feat. Little Ricky ZR3)
  3. Cash Machine
  4. Let Me Down
  5. Miracle Man
  6. Bury Me Alive
  7. Alien Boy
  8. Joke’s On You!
  9. Again & Again
  10. Waste My Time
  11. Jerk
  12. Hurt
  13. Introspective
  14. I’m Gone

While listening to this album I was very impressed by the balance of Oliver Tree’s consistent sound while still implementing new elements such as featuring artists. Some of my favorite tracks on the album consist of “I’m Gone”, “Jerk”, and “Let Me Down”. Other popular songs on the album consist of “Cash Machine” and “Me, Myself & I”, which talk about being an outcast and how rather than saying something stupid many would rather not say anything at all. Listeners can appreciate that Oliver Tree is challenging listeners to speak out and not “freak out”. Overall the album is definitely worth a listen if you have ever felt lonely or like an outcast at some point in your life.

Article by Jada Hamby

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