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Album Review: Ricky Montgomery – Montgomery Ricky

Ricky Montgomery made his official introduction to the music scene with Caught on the Moon, his debut EP, after gaining traction on the once popular (now dead) app Vine. After an overwhelmingly incredible response to this EP he took a huge leap of faith and wrote a full-length album. Montgomery Ricky was released in the late hours of March 31 about 45 minutes before originally promised, as an April Fools’ joke. Let’s just say that this 2016 album did everything but disappoint with its incredible 10 songs, and it is picking up even more traction now in late 2020.


1. This December

2. Line Without a Hook

3. Cabo

4. Dont Know How

5. Last Night

6. California

7. My Heart Is Buried In Venice

8. Mr Loverman

9. Get Used to It

10. Snow

This album starts off incredibly strong with This December, with its catchy alt-pop sound. It’s melodically marvelous and its particularly tasteful use of lyrical repetition grows pointed toward the song’s end. Every song in this album leaves you feeling something, particularly the longing of wanting to be in love, experiencing heartbreak, or just pure energy and happiness. The songs are clever and beautiful throughout, always getting you excited for the next song to play. Not a single song in this entire album disappoints. One of my personal favorites is Mr Loverman, and words cannot do it justice. The music, Ricky’s stunning vocals, and the story it tells are just unforgettable. This is an album I can and do listen to on repeat and never get tired of. Every time I listen to it I find something new to appreciate with every diverse and unique song. This album has something for everyone: a song to cry to after a breakup, one to serenade your significant other with, and some to jam to with your friends. I would definitely say this album is worth a listen and will offer something to anyone who hears it.

Album review by Jada Hamby

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