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Album Review: Machine Gun Kelly – Tickets to My Downfall

As many Alternative Music followers already know, Machine Gun Kelly released his new album “Tickets to My Downfall” earlier this month. This album left many of his listeners awestruck. The more 00’s classic alternative sound really showed off his more “pop-punk” side. Many listeners say that the classic sound of the album made some nods to the early Blink-182 sound. While listening to this 15 track album many thoughts came to mind. I typically was not a huge fan of Machine Gun Kelly, I had listened to some of his stuff and never really had gotten into it. This album was completely different; as soon as I started it I immediately wanted to listen to the rest of it.

First off I believe the album had the perfect mixture of Machine Gun Kelly’s classic entertainment feel along with his music. The 1st track (Title Track) on the album along with number 9 (Kevin and Barracuda) both do a very well planned bit of comical relief which many can appreciate when listening to an album. Many songs like Forget Me Too and My Ex’s Best Friend do a nice job of connecting with the listener over the common topic of break ups or relationships in 2020.  In the same way that track 3 (Drunk Face) talks about topics of drug usage and relationship struggles in which he has been making musical content for years. Overall the album is definitely something worth listening too with the range of topics and the abundance of songs on this album there is definitely something for everyone.

1 – Title Track

2 – Kiss Kiss

3 – Drunk Face

4 – Bloody Valentine

5 – Forget me Too

6 – All I Know (feat. Trippie Redd)

7 – Lonely


9 – Kevin and Barracuda (interlude)

10 – Concert for Aliens

11 – My Ex’s Best Friend

12 – Jawbreaker

13 – Nothing Inside (feat. Iann Dior)

14 – Banyan Tree (interlude)

15 – Play this When I’m Gone

Article Written By: Jada Hamby

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