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Absofacto – Sinking Islands

Jonathan Visger is the songwriter/producer behind the alias Absofacto. Through a few of select and distinctive projects, Michigan had developed a new and unique feature to the indie rock scene. By 2008, Visger began releasing solo projects under his moniker, self-releasing tracks and EPs through the site Bandcamp and his own website. By blending elements of hypnagogic songwriting with a dash of wistfulness, he established a tastefully fluid sound that drew inspiration from the indie scene and modern bedroom pop. Visger has kept this sound present through his stand-alone releases such as “Dissolve” and “History books,” the former of which successfully going viral in 2015 and coming back around earlier this year.

Before any of this though, Visger released Sinking Islands. In 2011, a catalog of his early singles was compiled into an ornate full-length album. In this 10-track release, Visger plays with the dynamics of the songs. Using waves of rich harmony, his tracks are comparable to those of the late 70’s, with their melodious explosion secured by the chill and soft verses. Loud then quiet and back to loud again. It’s exactly what indie junkies have been trained to expect.

Some of these tracks seem like perfect candidates for movie soundtracks, or maybe radio airplay. The song “Feathers”, in particular, I could hear over a montage of some teenager’s coming-of-age moment. This may come off as an insult, but realistically many songs and artists seem to increase publicity only through this path. From beginning to end, Visger takes the listener on a trip. The entire time you’re in a trancelike state, floating from one puffy verse to the next. In the end, isn’t that what music is supposed to do?

Absofacto- Sinking Islands Track List:

  1. No Power
  2. The Breath and the Bell
  3. Gnat Years
  4. Synthesocietal
  5. Triangle 3
  6. Nobody on the Subway
  7. Whose Side Are You on Anyway
  8. Punch Drunk on Black Mold
  9. Feathers (Don’t Change on Me)
  10. I’m Gonna Make My Move

Article by Destinee Gates-Stepro

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