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Claud – Toast

Listening to Toast for the first time immediately sent me into an upward spiral of nostalgia and reminiscence. In the opening notes of “Onetwothree”, the cloudlike melody grounds you into what the rest of the album is going to be like. In “Scarlett”, a bubbly love song, Claud sings, “We did everything together, now we’ll never.” When you get to the bridge about halfway into the song you won’t be able to help from singing along. This songs in particular drives home the melancholy vibe the album gives off. After the first two songs in this album, you’re left with your insecurities. You are left vulnerable to the lyrics as they continue to dissect you. One can nearly feel the sugarcoated tang of sorrowful memories on the tip of their tongue with every beat of this album. 

Near the end you can find, “Sleep Song.” This sweet melody is the reminder that even when you fall apart, you will come back together again. It is no exception to the dreamy homesick feel of the rest of the album, but its helplessness stands out. “Sleep Song” is probably my favorite song on this album for one reason. It is a reminder to you. It tells you that even when you are so broken and so torn apart, you will be whole again. Toast has a certain way of ripping apart every single piece of you and slowing sewing you back together again. At the end, however, after all the stitches, you are left with so much more than you started with. 

Claud- Toast Track List:

  1. Onetwothree
  2. Scarlett
  3. Up At Night
  4. Sleep Song
  5. Giving In

Article by Destinee Gates-Stepro

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