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Relient K – Forget and Not Slow Down

Relient K’s 2009 record provides a dose of high energy throughout, as well as reflective and catchy vocals that are sure to appeal to a variety of different listener types. Despite getting close to being 10 years old, this record manages to still sound current and fresh in the context of today’s music scene.

Some of my favorite tracks worth checking out on Forget and Not Slow Down include the songs, “Candlelight,” “I Don’t Need a Soul,” and “Forget and Not Slow Down.”

You can purchase Relient K’s Forget and Not Slow Down on iTunes and Amazon, as well as listen to the record on their Spotify account.

Relient K – Forget and Not Slow Down Track List

  1. Forget and Not Slow Down
  2. I Don’t Need a Soul
  3. Candlelight
  4. Flare
  5. Part of It
  6. Outro
  7. Therapy
  8. Over It
  9. Sahara
  10. Oasis
  11. Savannah
  12. Baby
  13. If You Believe Me
  14. This is the End
  15. (If You Want It)

Article written by: Raymond Kandal

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