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Nekokat – Communication II

Nekokat’s 2015 EP is an upbeat indie rock record complete with a delicate mix of high energy and more subdued moments. Nekokat is one of today’s largely overlooked super groups consisting of The Ready Set’s Jordan Witzigreuter, The Summer Set’s Jess Bowen, and Weatherstar’s Cameron Walker. Some of my favorite tracks worth checking out on Communication II include the songs, “Best Year Ever,” “What I Said,” and “Cut My Teeth.”

You can purchase Nekokat’s Communication II on iTunes, as well as listen to the record on their Soundcloud and Spotify accounts. Nekokat has also just released two new singles “Bella Goodbye” and “Haunted” this year, which are available to check out on all the platforms just mentioned as well.

Nekokat – Communication II Track List

  1. Best Year Ever
  2. Emery
  3. Realm
  4. Cut My Teeth
  5. What I Said

Article written by: Raymond Kandal

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