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Matt Maeson – The Hearse

Matt Maeson’s latest album The Hearse was released on April 27, 2018, just over a year after his first album Who Killed Matt Maeson was released. Matt Maeson’s first album was amazing, so it was no surprise when The Hearse came out as a total jam. His sound is very upbeat and brings a new and wanted sound to the alternative genre. When the single “Hallucinogenics” was released from the album in late March, it was determined that the new album would be incredible and follow with much success and praise.

My favorite song would definitely have to be “Hallucinogenics,” with “Unconditional” coming in at a close second. “Hallucinogenics” starts with a chill and nostalgic sound, which becomes more and more upbeat as you get to the pre chorus and once you reach the chorus you are completely hooked and the song is your new favorite jam. “Unconditional” begins with a nice smooth guitar sound that escalates into Maeson’s amazing high notes, getting you hooked instantly. The Hearse is a fantastic album if you’re looking for new songs that are total bops, have meaningful lyrics, and tell a story at the same time. Just beware that once you start listening to Matt Maeson, you may never stop.

Matt Maeson –The Hearse Track List:
  1. Put it on Me
  2. Hallucinogenics
  3. The Hearse
  4. Cliffy
  5. Unconditonal
  6. Rattlebone

Article written by: Carly Chodkiewicz

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