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Alternative Music to Snatch from Tik Tok Before it Gets Banned

If you have been anywhere near Alt. Tik Tok you have definitely heard these songs. I know I already did this blog, but since there are a plethora of new Alternative songs on Tik Tok I had to make a new one. I thought I would never come to the point in my music directing job where I am adding songs from Tik Tok to a radio station, but that is the crazy mixed-up world we live in now. What can I say? I have to respect good music.

Strawberry Blonde by mitski

Have you ever heard pure happiness put into a song? Now you have. There is something about how the song builds on itself that reminds me of a montage in an indie movie. If you are on cottage core tik tok, you have most definitely heard this song. 

Lemons by Brye

Not only is this song dissing a toxic ex, but it is a genuine bop. The harsh lyrics mixed with Brye’s soft voice make such a perfect contrast. 

Heather by Conan Gray

I’m not crying! You’re crying! In all seriousness, this song is so beautiful and sad. His voice holds the emotion of unrequited love and longing better than any artist I have heard recently. If you really want to have a good cry, listen to some of the edits on youtube that are Heather but it’s even sadder.

New Flesh by Current Joys 

80s New Wave Vibes

Wait a Minute! by WILLOW

Willow Smith is hopping around from genre to genre. This song is vastly different from her “Whip my Hair” from 9 years ago, but this song also has memes attached to it. The lyric “Wait a Minute!” has meme-ability, but also the song is a complete bop. 

Figure It Out by Blu DeTiger

I’m still trying to figure this song out. All I could come up with is that it has an amazing sound from her intriguing vocals to the instrumentation. I had to add it to the station as soon as I found it was sent to us. 

Written by Haley Isom

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