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Songs That Make You Long for Spring

It’s not quite Spring, but these songs will pull you through the last cold weeks of Winter. Specifically, these songs aren’t quite the full Spring vibe, but they are right at that line of change to Spring. If you have bad allergies, here is your warning to run far away from this Spring Themed Music Blog.

Ways to Go – Grouplove

Most of Grouplove’s music is just spring vibes with their energetic indie sound. I put “Ways to Go” mainly so I can make the pun that we still have a ‘ways to go’ before spring is here.

Australia – The Shins

This song is just so cheerful sounding with not so cheerful lyrics. Just like a 47 degree day toward the end of winter. You think you’ll only need a light jacket then the realization of it’s still cold hits.

White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes

I get that the song has Winter in the title. I also get that it says “Strawberries in the Summertime.” I also get that this song is said to have a dark meaning behind the lyrics. I added this to the spring list because the sound of the song is acoustic folk which is a Spring vibe. The writer behind the song said the lyrics are basically meaningless. Just like the part of winter with no snow.

Cigarette Daydreams – Cage the Elephant

Not only does this sound like Spring, the intro to the music video has flowers and rolling in the grass. If that isn’t Spring, I don’t know what is. This song is like perfect for the first drive with your windows rolled down of Spring.

Pressure to Party – Julia Jacklin

The mixture of the music with her sweet vocals make an amazing song to jam to when March comes around. It is just a song that feels like perfect weather: not hot and not cold. Comfort by Julia Jacklin was a contender, but that is much more of a cold song.

Archie, Marry Me – Alvvays

The song starts off with bird sounds and then goes into such a light indie rock sound. Spring is written all over this song from the moment it begins. 

Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear

You can’t get more longing for Spring than this song. The lyrics and sound give this feeling of not necessarily happiness, but like a hopeful longing. Maybe I just love this song too much.

Written by Haley Isom

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