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Leave What’s Lost Behind – Colony House

Colony House is a band that should be on everyone’s Alternative playlists. If you haven’t listened to their earlier albums, you are truly missing out on amazing Alt. Rock. The album that introduced me to them was their 2017 album Only the Lonely. “ You and I,” “1234,” and “You Know It” pulled me in to follow up with this incredible band. If you are a fan of Alternative, you are going to be a fan of this band.

Now that you went and listened to their album Only the Lonely, you are here to hear what I have to say about the latest album Leave What’s Lost Behind. The album starts with an orchestral song that hits you in your feelings. “Looking for Some Light” is a hopeful piece of music that is all about pulling through the hard times. “Runaway Pt.1” isn’t much of a song you just listen to, but I always love tiny breaks in albums. It’s such an artist’s move. The song named after the album is also a very personal hit, but it is left out on the violin and orchestra sound. This song introduced me to the album, so it is a great one to start on. “Original Material” was one of the singles that paved the way for this album. It set us up with the kind of alternative we were expecting to hear from the album. 

My favorite song on the entire album “El Capitan” comes next in the album. It has a variety of alternative sound, meaning it is like a mixture of different types of alternative all put into one song. It fits together so well. It’s just a song that won’t leave you bored.

“Why Even Try” sounds a lot like a Mumford & Sons song, so it had a folk sound. This song has powerful instrumentation with sad lyrics. “Runaway Pt.2” is the shortest of the Runaway breaks, but it has the most lyrics. The lyrics are so beautifully crafted. The next song is “Where I’m From” is another song to hit you in the feels. The way it’s set up kinda reminds me of an 80s Ballad. “Take it Slow” is one I added to the station. It has this change at the end where it becomes another song. I love when music does this because it throws some variety into the music. “Julia” is a beautiful song to send to all your Julias out there. It kinda sounds like Vampire Weekend’s stuff.

“Trying” has raw piano sounds like modern piano music. It’s like a thing in slow alternative to have that sound, but then it builds into something more upbeat. “Runaway Pt.3” comes in with the same piano sounds.These breaks are MADE for vinyl, and it makes me want to purchase it for my record player. “The Hope Inside” ends the album on a hopeful note, leaving the listener feeling inspired. 

Written by Haley Isom

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