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New Alt. Rock Bands that have a Classic Sound

Classic Rock eventually evolved into Alternative Rock, but some bands didn’t get the memo. These bands show that even in 2020 Classic Rock still creeps out on top. These bands have similarities to popular bands of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Whether you’re a fan of the old music or the new music you’ll love these artists!

The Struts

Not only have they opened for The Who and The Rolling Stones, but The Struts are also a four-piece UK-based band just like many Classic Rock bands before them. I wouldn’t know how else to describe their sound but new Classic Rock. Their most well-known song “Could Have Been Me” went viral and appeared in the top 5 on the U.S. Alternative and active rock charts. They collaborated with Kesha on their latest album titled YOUNG&DANGEROUS for a remix of the song “Body Talks.” They even did a cover of “Ballroom Blitz,” which was featured in the movie The Edge of Seventeen. 

Greta Van Fleet

Have you ever wanted to listen to Led Zepplin without actually listening to Led Zepplin? That is Greta Van Fleet’s perfect description. Josh Kiszka’s vocals bear a striking resemblance to Robert Plant’s gifted vocals. Josh’s twin Jake is on guitar bringing the perfect blues-rock sound to fit the classic sound. Their younger brother and a long time friend are on keys and drums to make up the dynamic of a 4 person rock group. According to the “About” on Spotify, the group grew up on classic rock records from their parents, so basically they have been raised into the genre. 


I would say that out of these three bands Temples is closer to being Alternative more than that Classic Rock vibe, but if you have an ear for psychedelic 60s rock, Temples will steal your heart. First of all, these time travelers look as though they came directly from the 70s with their amazing hair. Their debut album, Sun Structures, with “Shelter Song” reached number 7 on the UK charts when it was released. Their latest release “Paraphernalia” is personally my favorite song, but “Shelter Song” has gained viral popularity. “Shelter Song” is a great one to start off with if you’re looking for that 60s sound.

Written by Haley Isom

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