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Hellogoodbye – Would it Kill You?

Hellogoodbye’s sophomore record from 2010 is an indie rock adventure full of fantastic layering and catchy melodies, as well as plenty of variety to allow the record to continue feeling unique and exciting throughout. Probably most well-known for their songs “Here in My Arms” and “Baby it’s Fact,” Would it Kill You? manages to expand on the band’s sound, while at the same time being independently released and self-produced by the group’s lead singer and musician, Forrest Kline.

Hellogoodbye’s Would it Kill You? earns the honor of being my longest and most listened to album since its release. Although I could easily recommend every song, some of my favorite tracks worth checking out include, “When We First Kissed,” “The Thoughts That Give Me the Creeps,” and “Getting Old.”

You can purchase Hellogoodbye’s Would it Kill You? on iTunes and Amazon, as well as listen to the record on their Spotify and Soundcloud accounts. Currently, Hellogoodbye is anticipated to release their first album since their 2013 record, Everything is Debatable, later this year.

Hellogoodbye – Would it Kill You? Track List

  1. Finding Something to Do
  2. Getting Old
  3. When We First Met
  4. Betrayed By Bones
  5. You Sleep Alone
  6. When We First Kissed
  7. The Thoughts That Give Me the Creeps
  8. I Never Can Relax
  9. Coppertone
  10. Would it Kill You?
  11. Something You Misplaced

Article written by: Raymond Kandal

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