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Three Albums That Will Make You Want to Go on a Hayride This Fall

3. The Lumineers – III

No autumn season is complete without folk music. Especially, folk music that has feelings and emotions that drive the music. Look no further than the new Lumineers album. The passionate album that hits close to home for many families struggling with addiction is a great example of music that is meaningful to not only the artists but their listeners who understand the hardships. III is the kind of album to ground you and, also, give you fall vibes. I suggest you listen to it when you have a night to ponder over the lyrics and enjoy watching leaves fall from your window.

2. Vampire Weekend’s Self-Titled Album

I can agree that some of the songs give a summer vibe, but if anything it’s a late summer about to be autumn. No one can convince me that “Campus” doesn’t fit into fall. “Campus” makes me want to go outside on a crisp, fall morning and walk around my campus. “Oxford Comma” is like a late-night pumpkin patch adventure. “Walcott” hits as good as hot apple cider at a cookout. Literally, the end of the song sounds like falling leaves. “Bryn” makes me want to sail on the Mayflower to a new land! Vampire Weekend has this chill indie-pop sound that is fun and relaxing just like fall. I suggest you listen to this album while driving home for Thanksgiving.

1. Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More

I know there is literally a song called “Winter Winds” on this album, but that song feels like it fits perfectly at the line of when winter comes in. That song makes me want to walk on frost-covered leaves and just experience cold air. “Timshel” even talks about lyrically about cold air. This album pretty much goes through everything most people like to do in fall. The more upbeat songs with heavy banjo remind me of the things you do on the warmer days of fall, like corn mazes and hayrides. The acoustic and calming songs make me want to curl into a blanket burrito with hot tea. “White Blank Page” sits in-between and doesn’t really have an activity that fits it. This song is just the landscape of fall like a forest full of colorful but dying trees.

Article written by Haley Isom

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