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Songs to Describe Your Valentine’s Day

If You are in Love:

We get it! You can’t stop talking about your significant other! Be proud and listen to these songs that make us all fall in love!

  • Always On My Mind – Nané

When he hits those strong notes, “FLOOOOOOOOR…”  you are not only in love with your partner, but you are in love with Nané.

  • Sea of Love – Cat Power

Autoharp and a classic 50s love ballad. What more do you want? 

  • It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) – The 1975

If you really dive into these lyrics, it’s not the happiest song, but the passion behind the title and the main chorus is what makes this song a love song.

  • Honeybee – The Head and the Heart

The Head and the Heart comes out with some of the best chill and lovely alternative music, so a song about pet names and being the only one is exactly what you need.

If You are in a New Relationship:

You change your status to in a relationship because these songs are going to make the honeymoon stage even more exciting!

  • You Know It – Colony House

The high energy and lyrics just scream that feeling of never wanting to leave each others side.

  • Disco – Surf Curse

This song, as described by others at the station, is honeymoon-y. Even the music video gives off the air of new relationship joy.

  • Sidekick – Walk The Moon

Once again new relationships are super high energy because everything is new and exciting. This song is the definition of a new relationship.

If You are Single and Sad:

Hey! It’s ok! We’ve all been there! Whether it’s been a recent break up or a long time of meaningless dates, you’re single and these songs will help you wallow in it. So prepare some tea, put on your comfy pjs, and spend your Valentine’s day treating yourself.

  • Malibu 1992 – COIN

A fair warning: if you are not over your last love this song may cause tearing up while scrolling through pictures of your ex.

  • Best Friend – Rex Orange County

Loneliness is a sad part of being single, but being friendzoned is DREADFUL. This one’s for you, friendzoned human! Fight through the pain! This song will set a little shread hope in your sadness. 

  • Sick of Losing Soulmates – dodie

Are you currently heartbroken and want to break your heart even more? Dodie knows how to bring the acoustic sadness to wallow in til you cry yourself to sleep until February 15th.


Stalk your ex and his/ her/ their new significant other to this song that everyone knows is a late night vibe especially if you’re sad. 

If You are Single and Proud:

You are single. You are proud. You are confident. Go strut your stuff while rocking out to these songs.

  • Truth Hurts – Lizzo

So, is this song alternative? Maybe? Maybe not? Everyone can enjoy Lizzo’s instant classic, but especially someone who is PROUD to be single. It is required by law to be on every list about being single and proud.

  • Golden – Hippo Campus

If you are thinking, why did I put up with this? Stop! Everyone has had a rough relationship! This song will remind you why you love being single.

  • Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis

The energy of this song is chaotic and fun like being single. No commitments. Just pure chaos of meeting new people all the time. That’s at least how the song feels, but it’s really about burlesque dancing. So the song, in my opinion, has this feeling of FREEDOM. 

Written by Haley Isom

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