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New Music Worth Hearing

Let It All Out – COIN

COIN is already an alternative pop icon with songs “I Don’t Wanna Dance” and “Talk Too Much.” It does not come as a surprise that their entire new album Dreamland is amazing. “Let It All Out” is one of the slower songs from the album, but that just adds to the emotion. This is a very emotional song that serves as a great release to all these bottled up feelings. The video shows a butterfly leaving the cocoon which is a perfect metaphor for the emotion in this song.

Double Denim Hop – Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard has been my favorite new band on the alternative scene. They have such a classic rock sound. While we added “Double Denim Hop,” all of their songs on their self titled EP are incredible. I believe this song is just a fun song about wearing all denim. That is what I at least learned from the hilarious music video. The song makes me want to go find all of my denim items and wear them all at once.

Loneliness for Love – Lovelytheband

Lovelytheband loves making some of the most pop-y alternative in the realm, but this song sounds enough like the stuff we play on the station, so it was a definite add. The music video played with the 80s pop like sound to make an amazing music video. It is a great song to feel a little down to but still bop to. I would add this to your chill bops playlist immediately.

Written by Haley Isom

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