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Jump Shot for Jump Time Giveaway (Expired)

We are having a giveaway called Jump Shot for Jump Time on 2/29/2020 at the USI Men’s Basketball Game beginning at 3pm during the halftime. We will be tabling before the women and men’s games which is where you can enter your name (by filling out email listing sheet) for the giveaway. We will draw the participants for the giveaway before the MENS BASKETBALL GAME HALFTIME. Participants must be present at halftime when we call their names to participate in the contest.  What the contest will be is a half court shot. Each participant will have two tries to shoot and make the half-court shot. If they get the shot on the first try they will receive TWO sky zone tickets, if they make the shot on the second shot they will receive ONE sky zone ticket. If they fail to make either of the shots they can choose between some 95.7 The Spin gear (t-shirt, button, sticker, cd’s, etc).

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